How to Keep RV Drawers Closed While Driving

Are your RV cabinets and drawers flying open at the most inconvenient moments, forcing you to listen to their loud bangs and crashes whenever you take a sharp turn or go over a slight bump?

Not only are non-secured drawers annoying as they make a lot of noise and can scatter your belongings, making for a big clean-up job once you arrive at your destination, but they can also be dangerous. When cabinets and other furniture open suddenly, sharp objects such as cutlery can get thrown at every which way in the RV, including yourself and/or other passengers. To keep your drawers closed and firmly secured, try any of our simple but effective fixes. We promise they work!

Magnetic Latches

Installing magnetic latches is sure to hold your drawers shut while you’re on the road. They’re the best option for lightweight applications, and folks looking for something elegant and discreet to hold their drawers in their RV.

Magnetic latches come in two parts – one to attach one drawer and one to place on the cabinet body. While similar to magnets, magnetic latches are stronger as they don’t just rely on the strength of the magnets. Still, they do have their load limits, and can withstand between 15 to 20 pounds of force, so do be careful not to overload them.

The installation is straightforward:

  • Line up one side of the latch on the inside of the drawer and screw it in the wood with screws
  • Connect the other side of the latch with the first one and screw it in

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Bungee Cord or Rope Method

If you don’t want to drill holes in your RV’s furniture and you’re not too bothered by non-fancy décor, try the bungee cord/rope fix. While really simple to install and pretty secure, this method only works for certain cabinets or drawers.

Here’s how you can install it:

  • Grab a bungee cord/rope and wrap it around the cabinet or drawer handles
  • Firmly tie the ends of a rope together or secure the bungee cord using hooks

Just make sure to wrap the cord or rope tightly around the handles so everything stays in place!

Child Safety Locks

Child-safety latches can also help keep your RV drawers shut. Even though they’re not extremely strong, they’re a great option if the weight is not very heavy because they’re easy to find, are cheap, and very discrete.

Install child safety latches following these two simple steps:

  • Place one side of the latch against the inside of the drawer near the edge and drill it in place
  • Place the other side of the latch on the outside of the drawer so that it connects with the first side and drill it in place

Do note that child safety latches allow the drawer to open slightly (about an inch), so don’t store anything super-small or thin as it might slip out.

Compression Bars

Putting compression bars on your fridge and/or cabinets will make sure nothing slides around your RV.

From all the methods to we listed, compression bars are definitely the easiest to use and set up. As a matter of fact, their installation doesn’t even require any tools! Spring-loaded, the bars are not only simple to install but they’re easy to take out too. As a bonus, most are quite sturdy and can be used in different places over and over again, without wearing out.

Unfortunately, compression bars work only on fridges and certain cabinets, not drawers.


Adhesive velcro strips are another cheap and easy-to-install method to keep the drawers closed. You don’t need any tools for the installation as you can just stick one adhesive strip on the drawer edge and another right next to it, on the cabinet; then, you just stick a larger piece of Velcro on top of both adhesives.

While really easy to install, Velcro does has certain disadvantages. For one, whenever you open the drawer, Velcro will make noise; two, the more times you pull apart the Velcro by opening the drawer(s), the looser it will become; finally, Velcro cannot withstand a big amount of force. Still, it’s useful for those drawers you don’t use very often. Plus, Velcro is cheap, so replacing it shouldn’t be a problem.

And there you have it – five really simple but effective methods to keep your drawers and cabinets firmly closed – even when traveling on super-bumpy roads.

  1. I was thinking of using a magnet or a safety lock. Thank you for writing this article, there are many ways to fix it.

  2. The furniture in the closet often rattles when I go into a bump and I get annoyed by the sound. I’ve been trying to fix it and want the furniture to stop moving. Thank you for writing this~

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