RV Tips and Tricks: 10 RV Hacks for More Comfortable RVing

Whether you’re an RV veteran or a novice just getting the hang of things, getting comfortable in your RV can be quite the challenge. You may get accustomed to certain discomforts while you’re enraptured with your journey, it may be difficult to pick up all the tips and tricks out there, or you may not know there’s a better way available.

The RV community has been around long enough to become as fractured as it is vast, so it’s easy to miss even the most popular RV tips and tricks that can make living and traveling in your recreational vehicle an absolute delight. Here’s the top 10 RV hacks for more comfortable RVing!

Digital Photo Frames: Homey Atmosphere

The first hack is a pretty tame suggestion, but it does help make your RV feel homier. Space is the top priority for many RV owners, you simply can’t utilize an inch for a picture frame when a command hook can make it a valuable storage option. But there’s no need to make your RV a completely utilitarian vehicle, there’s a middle ground!

Use a digital photo frame secured to an ideal position and let it help make your family feel at home. It’s a powerful tool for claiming your space if you’re new to RV traveling!

Adhesive Window Film: Personalized Privacy

You’ve bought the perfect RV. It has a great, roomy layout and all the amenities you could hope for, except for a simple misplaced window. Maybe your main window is too large, or you just don’t need the one above your sink, but curtains or blinds might make it a bit too clunky.

Adhesive window film is an easy yet effective way to block it out. With lighter patterns you can still get some natural lighting, and it leaves you easy access to opening the window whenever you want to utilize it.

Glow-In-The-Dark Tape: Safety

Does the edge of your table stick out a bit too far? Are your steps a little too steep? Some glow-in-the-dark tape can make your life so much easier. Slap a neat strip at the edge of your problem area and it’s a problem no more.

This makes going for a midnight snack or an evening stroll through the park more comfortable and safer for everyone, especially those who may not be as familiar with your RV as you are.

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Push Lights: Easy Lighting

Push Lights are a secret every RV owner should know. You can easily find them at any store that sells home appliances. These circular lights can be stuck anywhere, secure them to your closet, cabinet, above your bunk, or anywhere that can use some more light.

The best thing about these lights is they’re completely removable and use an internal battery, so once they’re up you don’t have to worry about them again.

Ovens & Showers: Hidden Space

As mentioned before, space is a pretty valuable resource in an RV. You take your essentials and a few comfort items that’ll tide you over your journey, but that’s usually it. If you want to get a little more room in your RV, consider your oven and shower as prime real estate.

Store cookware and other kitchen utensils in your oven while you’re on the road. With a rod, your shower can be converted to a closet or a space to air dry your wet clothes. Just make sure to remove your stuff before you use either!

Suction Cups & Command Hooks: Easy Space

Don’t make permanent modifications to your RV if it can be avoided. Near anything can be secured with the right suction cup or command hook. They’re completely removeable and can easily provide a lot more space. Hang cookware, jackets, curtains, and much more.

As an extra insider tip, use shower caddies to give you some more space. You can use them to hang writing utensils at your table, condiments in your kitchen, or change near your driver’s seat. Never lose your cell phone, sunglasses, or anything else again! They’re one of the most valuable and versatile hacks.

Press n’ Seal: Waterproofer & Splash Guard

This is a relatively underused product that can be used for just about anything. It’s a clear white plastic that forms a seal when pressed together. Wrap a sheet around your tablet or phone and you’ve got an instant waterproof device that’s touch screen friendly.

You can also use them to secure leftovers or prepare food on your countertops. Best of all, use a square piece of Press n’ Seal around the lip of your cup and poke a hole for a straw to make an instant splash guard, great for messy kids!

Vent Cushion: Cheap Insulation

Losing heat in an RV, especially during the winter months or just cold nights in general, can instantly up your expenses. Whether you’re staying at a place that charges for your electricity use or you’re heating your RV internally, it can wrack up quite the bill.

Using a vent cushion can help you keep in your heat since RV insulation isn’t particularly impressive. Other tips like blocking off your windows and doors can also help you insulate a little better. Use these RV camping tips when you’re out there during the cold months and say goodbye to too cold nights!

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Bungee Cords: Secure Everything

When you’re on the road and moving about things are bound to get loose. This can create quite the mess and any RV owner can tell you about the first time they had a little mishap in this area.

The best thing you can do to prevent these disasters is invest in a few bungee cords. These stretchy lines can be used to secure your draws, boxes, and other loose storage areas so you can rest assured you won’t have to clean up a mess at your next rest stop.

Liners & Cup Cozies: Protect Your Bottles!

The worst culprit of messes? Bottles of any kind. Whether it’s your wine, beer, sodas, condiment, or any other type of bottle, you’ve got to secure them as best as possible. These messes are difficult to clean up and can make the rest of your journey a sticky nightmare.

Use gripped lining in your cupboards to make sure things don’t slide around. Additionally, use regular beer cozies when storing your bottles to ensure if they do move around, they’re less likely to break.

And there you have it – some of the easiest yet most effective travel trailer tips that can make living and/or traveling in your RV comfier, cheaper, and all around better!

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